Ignazio Gardella

Born in Milan from a family of Genoese origin who for four generations moves with passion and consistency to architecture; he graduated in engineering from the Politecnico di Milano in 1928 while receiving the degree in architecture in 1949 at the IUAV.

Besides being dedicated to pure project, Gardella teaches at IUAV and was appointed full professor since 1962: also active in the field of design bases, along with Luigi Caccia Dominioni “Azucena”, drawing mostly furniture.
The long professional activity produces an enormous amount of projects and achievements: the competition design for the tower in Piazza Duomo of 1935, despite not being realized, established him in the press thanks to an article by Giuseppe Pagano (?)
Between the ‘ extensive list of works include: the Anti-tuberculosis dispensary in Alessandria (1934-38) which is one of the masterpieces of rationalist.  At the same time he is the protagonist of the major cultural events, such as CIAM.

In the first postwar Gardella he resumes activity with full force producing many important works and masterpieces, like the Borsalino’s houses in Alessandria (1952), the Pavilion of Contemporary Art, Casa Stork Zattere in Venice, the Mensa Olivetti in Ivrea, the House at the Gardens of Hercules in Milan, designed by Roberto Menghi and Anna Castelli Ferrieri, House Tognella, called “House in the Park”, via Paelocapa (with L. Ghiringhelli) 1947-54, the extension of the Bocconi University of Milan and the projects for the chain Esselunga Supermarket.
The figure of Gardella remains at the top of the architecture for the 60s and 70s, with intense professional activity whose importance is evidenced by the presence on the major international journals.
The project of the new Courthouse belongs to him

In the last period of his life Gardella, now among the deans of Italian architecture, still it produces significant projects, such as the Faculty of Architecture in Genoa (1975-89), that place still at the forefront of architectural debate.
Among the awards received include: the National Award for Architecture Olivetti (1955), the Gold Medal of the President of the Republic to the worthy of the School of Culture and Art (1977), the Golden Lion career
at the Venice Biennale (1996), the titles of honorary member of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), a member of the Accademia di San Luca (of which he was President 1979-1990) and honorary member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

Ignazio Gardella dies in Oleggio March 15, 1999



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